How We Can Lower Infant Mortality in the Black Community

While most childbirths go as planned, sometimes things do go awry leading to infant mortality.

Infant death rate has been going down in the USA considerably but still it is not a well-balanced phenomenon. The child mortality rate of African American children is more than double the rate of Caucasian babies. African American mothers suffer from high infant mortality rates caused by several problems among which low birth weight and premature birth are top most.

We will discuss some ways to lower the child mortality rate for African American mothers. Many of these ways are pretty simple and will eventually sure that you never have to face such a situation in your life.

Mother’s Diet and Overall Health

A mother’s health has a HUGE impact on how healthy their baby is upon birth. Their diet is incredibly important too. A mother’s overall health and diet can be the sole determining criterion in whether a baby lives or dies – it’s that vital. It’s not advised that mothers make dramatic changes to their exercise or diet routines during pregnancy, although if you want a good diet guide, we highly recommend checking out’s review of The Venus Factor. It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction towards a healthy, safe diet/exercise program for mother’s to follow during pregnancy.

Early Care in Pregnancy

Proper prenatal care is necessary for the health of the baby and the mother both. Studies have indicated that African American women do not get similar levels of healthcare advice or assistance. It is essential to seek medical help or see a doctor as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

Proper Age of Pregnancy

Getting pregnant too early or too late creates birth complications. Women develop physically to bear a child from age 20 onward. Before that they are malnourished, and their reproductive organs do not develop properly. Older women over 40 years old may find their physical capabilities for conceiving improper. They may suffer from malnutrition, anemia and may not be capable of having another child after several earlier births.

Space out Pregnancy Years

Babies who are born within two years of a previous delivery have higher chances of complications or death. It is best to wait for 3 to 5 years after giving birth before proceeding to have another baby.

Take Help of Family Support Workers (home visitation programs)

Some localities have home visitations programs where mothers can sign up. It is a good way to get help from medical, social and child developments professionals to get an education and improve family’s health make way for a better delivery. The support is available for all stages of pregnancy and after it.

Proper Family Planning Advice and Methods

Good family planning advice and methods should be practiced for lowering the mortality rate among infants. Visit family planning programs and follow their recommendations for a healthy pregnancy. Also, use of contraceptives has shown to have an adverse impact on mortality rates according to research.

General Tips: Here are some other tips that you will need to remember if you’re pregnant.

• Take a vitamin along with 400 micro-grams of folic acid each day

• Avoid any form of intoxication like cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs

• Seek healthcare assistance and disclose any medical condition you have and your medicine use

• Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

• Avoid any material which may be harmful to you or the baby at home and office

• Avoid unprepared meat and do not take pasteurized milk and its products

• Maintain cleanliness. Wash your hands and keep your surroundings clean so that you do not develop any disease that can impact the baby’s health